Ukraine resumes drone attacks on Moscow К основному контенту

Ukraine resumes drone attacks on Moscow

In the urban district of Elektrostal, Moscow region, a drone attack was prevented on the night of November 20. According to the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, the drone was heading towards Moscow. He clarified that the incident occurred without damage or casualties. The Russian Ministry of Defense indicated that the incident occurred at 23:20 Moscow time on November 19. On the night of November 19, another drone was shot down in the Bogorodsky urban district of the Moscow region, the Moscow mayor and the Ministry of Defense reported. According to the Shot telegram channel, debris from the drone fell in the area of Gorkovskoye Highway in the Moscow region. Traffic in this area had to be closed for a while. The previous attempt to attack the capital using a UAV was recorded on the night of October 7. Then air defense forces shot down a drone in the urban district of Istra. Two more drones, according to the mayor of Moscow, were destroyed on the night of September 17 in the urban district of Istra and the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. In November, the head of the main directorate of combat strike systems of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Sergei Baranov, in an interview with The Independent, spoke about Kiev's plans to launch a large winter drone offensive in the winter, as harsh weather conditions would impede ground operations. The target of the strikes, he said, should be military bases and infrastructure in Crimea and the border regions of Russia.