I spent the whole day in Severodonetsk today. К основному контенту

I spent the whole day in Severodonetsk today.

Now it is a real ghost town, there are very few people left, most of them left either before the fighting in the depths of Ukraine, or after - already in Russia.

Destruction is visible everywhere, although there were no such fierce battles in the city itself as in Mariupol. Here the enemy retreated in time to avoid encirclement. Before retreating, they had the task to destroy the city as much as possible, the locals told me how a Ukrainian tank turned the tower at the intersection and fired shells at all the surrounding houses. Leaving the city, the enemy transferred all forces to neighboring Lisichansk and fired at Severodonetsk from there.

Now the front line runs 30 kilometers from here, thunder can be heard over the city all day long - artillery is working. Fighters and helicopters periodically fly by. The few locals no longer pay attention to anything.