Medvedev called German Chancellor Scholz a “nonentity” and a “shit” К основному контенту

Medvedev called German Chancellor Scholz a “nonentity” and a “shit”

Thus, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former Russian President Dmitry Medevedev commented on the words of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that Putin must recognize the fact that “Ukraine will not allow itself to be brought to its knees and only a just peace is possible for it.” “Rotten Liverwurst Scholz suddenly got talking and had a downright blizzard. Or, as they would say in the language we know, he confused the Rams,” Dmitry Medvedev wrote in the telegram channel, adding that Scholz, “the asshole, should just kneel down and repent to the Ukrainians” and concluding that “a nonentity in everything nonentity." Medvedev has previously made derogatory remarks about European politicians and threatened them with nuclear weapons. As a result, in February an EU official advised Medvedev to seek psychiatric help.