Harp. Unreceived wishes to Alexei Navalny. A month before the murder К основному контенту

Harp. Unreceived wishes to Alexei Navalny. A month before the murder

Exactly a year ago, on June 4, our correspondent Antonina Favorskaya insisted that we publish a post with her photographs. In those photographs are judges of the Kovrovsky court, representatives of the FSIN and IK-6, as well as three judges of the Vladimir regional court, where Alexei Navalny’s claims against the colony were regularly rejected. In the post, Tonya writes about Alexey’s futile attempts to legally achieve at least normalization of his life and the life of other prisoners. Exactly a year ago, on June 4, “malicious offender” Alexey Navalny celebrated his 47th birthday in the punishment cell of the Vladimir colony. A few days ago he learned that another criminal case had been opened against him, but he complains that the colony refused to give him shag, a bottle of mash, a balalaika, a nunchuck, a kimono and forbade him to keep a kangaroo. Today, a year later, Tonya is spending her second month in a pre-trial detention center on a trumped-up charge, read, for journalistic activity. In court, she shouted that she was being persecuted for a post about the involvement of specific people in the death of Alexei Navalny. About how the colony staff systematically undermined his health, and the court considered these actions legal. A month before Alexei’s death, Tonya Favorskaya went to Kharp to learn more and talk about the Polar Wolf colony, which became the last address of the country’s main opposition leader. She brought back a short report from there, published a week before the tragedy. After the searches, all the journalist’s equipment, including photo and video equipment, was confiscated. By a lucky coincidence, we managed to save Tony’s footage from that trip: comments from Kharpov residents about life in the village and their wishes to Alexey, some of which may really surprise you. Or maybe not. We also decided to add previously unshown recordings from meetings on Alexey’s claims against Vladimir IK-6. Today is a great occasion to see him again cheerful, healthy, cheerful, and alive.